Antique & Classic Car

Whether your car is a classic or an antique, you put a lot of effort into keeping it at its best.

Older gentleman with grandchild polishing the side of a classic car
Middle aged man with red pants and a jean jacket, sun shining in the background. Standing at the opening of a garage, looking lovingly at a light blue with cream soft top antique vehicle.

A special vehicle needs a special policy

We put a lot of effort into providing an insurance policy that protects you and your pride and joy when you take to the open road.

A CAA classic or antique policy covers you:

  • During restoration – even if you're not on the open road yet, you've invested a lot.

  • For the full value – If there's a total loss, we cover the full amount you insured the car for. (We know this loss would break your heart, so we even waive the deductible.)

  • With your chosen repair shop if your car is damaged and needs work. You can't trust your baby to a stranger, after all.

What is the difference between a classic car and an antique.

  • A classic car is:

    • Considered a collector’s item

    • At least 20 years old and hasn't been modified

    • Driven less than 5,000kms/year

    • Not used for regular transportation

  • An antique car is:

    • Considered a collector’s item

    • At least 30 years old and hasn't been modified

    • Used only for parades and exhibitions,

    • Driven up to 5,000 kms/year

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