CAA MyPace®

Driving less? Pay less with pay-as-you-go insurance.

Take control of your auto insurance with CAA MyPace.

If you’re a low mileage driver and drive fewer than 12,000 kms per year, this payment program allows you to buy auto insurance only for the distance you need. Nothing more.

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    Take control.

    You decide when you need to buy more. Use your kilometers as quickly or as slowly as you choose.

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    Reward yourself.

    If you have a drive-less lifestyle, cost savings should be one of the rewards.

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    Save money.

    You can reduce your insurance cost without changing your driving habits.

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Do you sometimes leave the car at home?

One size does not fit all when it comes to auto insurance. We know that low mileage drivers only want to pay for the insurance they use. With CAA MyPace, simply pay the Base Rate, then monitor the kilometres you drive and pay your auto insurance based on mileage. The less you drive, the more you can save.

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Check out all the details of the CAA MyPace payment program