CAA Connect®

CAA Connect recognizes and rewards you with great discounts for safe driving. And the discounts start as soon as you enroll.

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The safer you drive, the more you save.

Simply plug in the device, drive safely and start saving.

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    Track and strengthen your safe driving habits.

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    Save when you drive safely.

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    Help young drivers develop safe habits.

Easy to use and provides immediate savings

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  • It’s easy to use CAA Connect.

    Plug the CAA Connect device into your car. It records your driving habits, like speed and the time of day you’re driving.

    You can check your driving activity and driving score anytime, via the online portal or an easy-to-use mobile app.

  • Save 5% on your premiums immediately.

    You start saving as soon as you enroll:

    • Save 5% right away.

    • Save up to 15% after 1 year.

    With other discounts, you could save even more

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